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Old Time Radio programs and meaningful talk daily on KTW, The Mutual Broadcasting System.

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Let's Do Lunch daily at 12:30pm features Leonard Christian on Mondays, Matt Shea on Tuesdays, Tom Read on Wednesdays, and Kevin Parker on Fridays.

Enjoy the great Old Time Radio nostalgia and big band music on KTW, The Fabulous 630.

Old time radio shows daily at  10pm . Saturdays at 12-5am, 2-4pm, and Sundays 12-6am and 10-12pm. 

Conservative talk shows daily include The Right Spokane Perspective at 9am, Irvin Baxter at 1pm, Bible Answer Man at 3pm, Michael Medved 1:00 to 3:00am, Bill Bennett from 3am to 6am, Joyce Riley at 10am and from 6 to 8pm, Pastor Putch at 9:00pm.

KTW also provides inspiration and information for daily living.  Dr. Charles Stanley,  Pastor Bob Davis, Evangelist Don Gossett, Dr. Johathan Hansen, Dr. McGee, Dr. Noah Hutchings, Dr. R.C. Sproul, David Hocking, J. Vernon McGee, Steve Arterburn, Evangelist R.G. Stair.



The Sounds of Sinatra with Sid Mark each weekend on KTW. Sid Mark launched The Sounds of Sinatra in Philadelphia 53 years ago. It all began as a call from a listener, who suggested that Sid spin one hour of Frank Sinatra. Sid and Frank developed a personal friendship in 1966. To celebrate the anniversary of the show, Sid was invited to see Frank in Las Vegas. After seeing Frank's show at The Sands, Sid met Frank and a friendship was formed which would last for decades.

Orson WellesRecords With Read Saturday at 7pm.

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